How you can Help

How YOU can be an Important Part of Hindu Help Line?

1. Be on the Hindu Help Line Board of Advisors
Hindu Help line is helping Hindus in the following areas:
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Administrative / Government
  • Legal
  • Religion / Culture
  • General Services
Each district of Bharat to have 2 Advisors on the Board of Advisors from each of these fields.Meaning, there will be minimum 12 prominent people from the very significant social fields on the board of Advisors of Hindu Help Line.

YOU can be one of them!
If you are a Medical Professional -Doctor, Hospital owner, Paramedic, Nursing Expert, Pharma company owner or a Chemist Shop Owner, a Pathology Lab owner or an expert in pathology / Radiology, Ambulance Owner or any such field related to Health, then YOU can be on Hindu Help Line Advisory board-Help.

From the Travel field, you can be a grate catalyst for Hindu Help Line. If YOU run a Travel / Tourist Agency, you are a Hotel Owner, you have set up a descent Dharmshaala, you have a nice restaurant offering wonderful food in affordable rates or even the high profile up market eating joint which corporates / Businessmen prefer when they travel for work or for holidays, then YOU can be on the Board of Advisors of Hindu Help Line. You own a shopping complex/Mall?a specialty shoppe/regional handicrafts/textiles shop etc, then you can be on Hindu Help Line Advisory Board-Travel.

From the Legal / Administrative fields, YOU are a prominent Lawyer, a Retired Judge, a Working / Retired Police Officer or from the similar fields. YOU can be a great addition to the Hindu Help Line Advisory board - Legal / Administrative.

In the field of Religion, A Pooja Expert, archak, Astrologer, a Historian, an Archaeologist, a prominent Author on Religion, a Teerth Upaadhyaay / Purohit - YOU can be on Hindu help Line Advisory Board - Religion / Culture.

Being on the HHL Board of Advisors, YOU can bring to reality your dream to do a lot for helping Hindus, Your expertise matters a lot for Hindu Help Line. For your experienced advice Hindu Help Line will organize annual meeting of all Advisors from Bharat.

2. Hindu Help Line Convener
Hindu Help Line to have an HHL Convenor from each district. YOU can be one of them & play an important role in convening activities of Hindu Help Line for YOUR District! Coordination with the needy Hindu, the HHL Volunteer & the local Service Providers is the Convener's responsibility!
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3. Hindu Help Line Volunteer
YOU are YOUNG / House Wife / Retired Professional and YOU wish to do a lot to HELP HINDUS! Here's the right opportunity for YOU enroll yourself as Hindu Help Line Volunteer & be a RELIABLE FRIEND OF HINDUS through Hindu Help Line! All you have to do is to either spare 2 hours a day every week to help Hindus in the fields mentioned here or you can spare 8 hours on any one day of the week.
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4. YOU can be a Business Hand by becoming a Service Provider to Hindu Help Line
Hindu Help Line Call Centre can directly contact YOU through the HHL local Convener / Volunteer to facilitate the caller to avail of YOUR services at cost. Meaning, when the caller is guided by the HHL call Centre & the local HHL Volunteer to avail of YOUR services, he will directly pay you- whether YOU are a Doctor, Hospital, a Car Hire agency or a Travel / Ticketing agency, a Hotel, a Restaurant or a jyotishi!

What is in it for YOU? Simple! Pure Business Growth and Prestige! All you do is to enroll with Hindu Help Line as a Service Provider.
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5. Star Hindu Help Line Member
as a Hindu who may need an emergency help anywhere anytime, even YOU can enroll with Hindu help line as a Star Hindu Help Line Member. Your needs & the help will be actively monitored individually by a specially assigned Hindu Brother - in a much better way than any professional Customer Care Executive! After all, Hindu Help Line is YOUR Reliable Brother!
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