Systems & Networks For Facilitation

It has been observed that in 5 main categories Hindus need help - in Emergency & even otherwise.Therefore, Hindu help line will facilitate & coordinate the following:

1. Health
  • Doctor / Hospital / Ambulance
  • Blood / Blood banks
  • Chemist / Medical Shops
  • Ayurved / Yog / Naturopathy / Cow Medicine
2. Travel
  • Hotel / Dharmashala
  • Car Hiring / Other local conveyance like auto / Rickshaw / bus etc
  • Car Repairing
  • Food
3. Government / Administrative
  • RTO
  • Police / Local Administration
4. Legal
  • Advocate / Affidavits etc.
5. Religious
  • Puja in par particular temple
  • Puja Outside temples(Pitru puja / Hawan / Daan etc)
  • Religious Information / Religious Books / Cds & Puja Materials
  • Astrology / Muhurts / Kundalis / etc
Local Hindu Help Line Volunteers all over Bharat will coordinate with the pre-listed people / organizations / Institutions / Services. For Example: if a Hindu family from Tamil Nadu is traveling to Kashi for Darshan & faces a medical emergency then the Hindu Help Line Kashi Volunteer will contact the pre-listed doctor for them & guide the family to the doctor. The Hindu Help Line Call Centre Volunteer also will guide the caller to the doctor AND to the local volunteer so that there is better facilitation & the Hindu family traveling to Kashi from Tamil Nadu gets help from their Hindu Brother if they need a language interpreter, then the pre-listed Tamil-Hindi speaker also will be provided at cost. The local volunteer will ensure that the family is not cheated. If they have no emergency, but they wish to do darshans with some reliable,credible person with them as the area is unknown to them,then Hindu Help Line will facilitate their car hiding from the pre-listed car / tour operators. The same with the staying arrangement. Of course, the family pays for the car / hotel / puja etc but the Hindu Help Line volunteer will facilitate all this if they ask for, as a RELIABLE BROTHER OF HINDUS. Hindu Help Line Central Office & management will ensure the reliability, credibility & quality of the service & volunteers.